Friday, November 6, 2009

Just Recently,

Just recently, I sailed a boat around the world. It was easy, so don't tell me life is hard. I wrote a Haiku while in the middle of a Typhoon near Java that goes like this...
A Lightning Flash:
I Hurl Into The Darkness
Sailing Is Easy


GunthërBrown said...

Lookin' sweet my friend. I think I'm going to sail around the world in a boat of my own making. Or maybe just swim around the world... I'll write you a Haiku about it, so you can post it here.

GunthërBrown said...

Swimming between sandstone
I cry for a back
good times past

GunthërBrown said...

I recently swam around the world. It wasn't as easy. I too wrote a haiku, in a pirate battle off the coast of Somalia...

A Bullet Cracks:
Another Finger Is Missing
I Wish Ben Was Here